We are exclusive representative for Safir Arms Turkey,  www.safirarms.com  a manufacturer of

1.    M16 style Tactical shotgun T-14 and Uppers  All T 14 models are ungrooved, unrifled, semi-automatic Cal. 410 (36x65) hunting guns similar to AR 15 .2.23 Remington in design. Despite being similar to   AR 15 assault rifle, our model is a shotgun and is specifically designed to be used for  self defense and protection, big game  hunting, target shooting and sporting purposes. They are manufactured  up to military specifications (Mil Spec) and our lower receivers and magazines are specifically designed for .410 caliber U.S. and European ammunition sizes. Receivers can be used/interchanged with all AR 15 lowers, like Bushmaster, Colt and Smith Wesson to convert these rifles into shotgun.


Upcoming products:  T 15 (our .223 cal. Semi auto model) and T 22 (our .22 rimfire model) in addition to Safir

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